Drawing from the picturesque environment surrounding our restaurant and the rich Slovenian culinary culture, the cuisine at Milka is ever-evolving – even though we are just at the beginning.


We are inspired by minimalistic aesthetics, highest quality ingredients, and by the short and harsh seasons that define life in the Alps. The latter requires foresight and a great deal of planning so preserving is the obvious solution, that helps us survive the long and cold winters when there is nothing to find but the produce that we have put aside in our larder during the warmer months.

Nonetheless, nature around us gives us plenty to work with, from branches of coniferous trees to wild berries and selvatic herbs from the pastures high up in the mountains.

We are bringing all of surrounding nature’s treasures back into the kitchen and combining them with the best ingredients sourced from the wider region that is not defined by political maps.

The menu is designed in a way that enables us to support the people who help us put delicious food on the plates, our suppliers, and it changes according to the availability and the seasonality of the ingredients. We are working tirelessly to manage and improve the impact we have on the environment, both outside and inside of our kitchen. Either by eliminating packaging waste or by breathing new life into things that other people would deem waste. Responsibility is the name of the game and we are aware that this road we are on does not come with a finite end in sight but we are happy to embrace the challenge ahead.

We are a young team, and though we are coming from different backgrounds, we share the same affection for the Nordic food movement, and that is what inspires us to be creative and playful however never compromising on quality and of course the most important factor of all for our food to be delicious. Food that brings joy stops you in your pace and encourages you to slow down, take a breath and appreciate life. The balance of comfort and lightness is always at the center of our food philosophy and it keeps us intrigued and coming back for more.

Our winter menu has already seen the light of the day, and as nature around us is waking up, our menu is transforming as well. Slowly it will feature first asparagus and strawberries, and delicious spring lamb will also make its appearance. Spruce tips, linden buds, ramson are just a few items that will be featured in our spring menu. We are excited to harvest the first buds and flowers that are springing to life right now. Are you not? But just like with all good things in life, we will have to be a bit more patient, because nature is moving at a different pace here in the Alps.


From our journal