Milka is a unique boutique experience in the heart of the Julian Alps. This pristine Alpine backdrop was an opportunity for the team of enthusiastic young professionals to take on the challenge of creating and sharing the finest encounter with Slovene cuisine & culture.

Our collective experiences have been harnessed around the world and are expressed through our unique take on design, gastronomy & service.

We are eagerly waiting to share our story with you.

Welcome to Milka

Boutique Hotel

Home away from home

Our hotel is true to world’s boutique standards: every room is uniquely designed, with sumptuous comfort & unparalleled service in an Alpine setting, a small fine dining restaurant with lunch & dinner service and a private sauna for two.

Guest comfort for us is like hosting family and friends. This means you can switch off and we will switch on for you. We would love Milka to be your refuge away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Regional culinary EXPERIENCE

Inspiration for our food took root in the local environment. A lot of thought went into designing each dish, to ensure every bite is a delectable memory.

Jasna Lake

Not just another Alpine Lake

Boutique Hotel and Restaurant Milka is located by Lake Jasna. It is one of those picturesque lakes every Slovenian holds dear. Lake Jasna lies in the foothills of our most prominent alpine pass, drenched in history, while offering amazing vistas in whichever direction you happen to go.

In every weather and all seasons, the scenery is so dreamy it inspired our visual creators to incorporate its colours and the elements in our overall graphic interpretation.

Kranjska Gora is our closest social hub and crossroads to interior Slovenia, Austria and Italy, where you can continue exploring the alpine activities or gourmet explorations of the wider area.

alpine boutique

DESIGN & Architecture

Our approach is to be responsible to the environment, our surroundings and the people we work with. In this spirit, our architectural goal was to portray the scenery of the Alpine area inside our hotel & restaurant as well.

Interior design had to answer the alpine character of the architecture, resulting in a snug blend of elements.

The hallmark of our endeavour was including local artisans to further enhance the regional Slovene presence as a final touch to the entire project.

active lifestyle year-round

flexibilty of choice

The mountain playground that surrounds us is vast. We are very passionate about an active lifestyle and fortunate to have this potential at our doorstep all year round. Sharing this passion with our visitors is one of our missions, so we combined forces with the best in the industry to provide you with a bespoke service for exploring our surroundings.



The fact that we are in this breathtakingly preserved environment shows the care of previous generations. Our task is to keep up the good work for those who come after us. Thus the care for people and the planet goes beyond just an idea.

Emphasis was put on proximity. The crossroads between the Alps and the Mediterranean means we live in a region full of creative minds and ample options we could look to. Here are a few examples:

  • Food & Wine: Quality is never jeopardised. Regionality and diversity is the name of the game. We source all our items from within the 100km radius of our property, some ingredients even come from nearby farms only a few minutes away.
  • Water: Slovenia is known for its water quality and there is no match to the one that comes to the surface in the Alps. We wanted to minimise the impact of transported and bottled water because we have the luxury of being near a good source.
  • Room Amenities: All our cosmetics are animal friendly and hand-made in Slovenia from carefully chosen natural ingredients. Check out our recycled slippers, too. Both are products that speak quality, and which people love taking home and using again. And again.

We are proud of these endeavours. We are aware that responsibility does not end there, but continues to be our guiding principle for everything we are yet to do.

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